Regional Management Corp. (NYSE: RM) is a diversified consumer finance company operating under the name “Regional Finance” in branch locations across the United States. We provide installment loan products primarily to customers with limited access to consumer credit from banks, thrifts, credit card companies, and other lenders. Our goal is to consistently grow our finance receivables and to soundly manage our portfolio risk, while providing our customers with attractive, safe, and easy-to-understand loan products that serve their varied financial needs.

We offer loan products that are structured on a fixed rate, fixed term basis with fully amortizing equal monthly installment payments, repayable at any time without penalty. We source our loans through our multiple channel platform, which includes our branches, centrally-managed direct mail campaigns, digital partners, retailers, and our consumer website. We operate an integrated branch model in which nearly all loans, regardless of origination channel, are serviced through our branch network. This provides us with frequent in-person contact with our customers, which we believe improves our credit performance and customer loyalty.

For additional information regarding our business and results of operations, please review our fact sheet, annual reports, and SEC filings. We also encourage you to visit our consumer website at